An Animal Lover Who Thought He’d Found a Stray Cat Got a Major Surprise


Let’s give this guy some karma points for being a Good Samaritan, okay?

A kindhearted guy in Richmond, Virginia, brought what he believed was a stray cat home after he found the poor thing stuck in a fence. He wrote about his experience on Craiglist to try to find the owner of the lost kitty.

Photo Credit: Craigslist

FOUND cat last night was stuck in between my fence screaming it’s head off. i brought it inside because it looks too big and healthy for a stray and dogs here escape often and will eat cats that get out. it is very thick and has little stripes and spots on its legs and big white round spots on the back of its ears, only thing that looks wrong with him is he doesn’t have a tail but it doesn’t seem like anything new.

Photo Credit: Craigslist

He is very vocal ( and mean!!!!) I think he is a tabby and bengals mix maybe some Maine coon because he is just so big and chubby. i took most of these pics last night so the lighting makes him look brown but he is actually more gray. He was very hungry. please if u r his owner contact me ASAP i can not keep him here because as cute as he is, he is CRAZY and has gotten into everything in the house in 1 night and is EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE!!

Photo Credit: Craigslist

Even though I am almost sure this is someoneones pet unfortunately if no one contacts me soon enough I will have to take him to a shelter. By Sunday night most likely I will have to take him in. Almost lost my fingers this morning trying to pet him. Has been growling and hissing and calling all morning He is just a big grouch. Please text or email.

No kidding, he was extremely aggressive and grouchy? I wonder why…

Photo Credit: Craigslist

Wait a second! Someone finally filled him in:

“UPDATE: thank you to everyone who told me this is actually a WILD BOBCAT!!!? Wtf!!! No wonder he was so grumpy!! I kidnapped him!! ? I am not from America and have never heard of bobcat, I thought all wild cats are much bigger than that!! I can not believe I brought it inside!!

And he pissed all over my damn house so now I have to deep clean everything !! ???well Anyway I am glad at least he is okay and not a lost cat. I have let him go already back near the trees where he came from, and he was not hurt or injured at all so do not worry!! I am also okay, no bites or scratches!! (Just pee ?)

And if you are one of the people who told me nicely out of concern, thank you and have a nice day!! If you Are one of the people who was rude to me and tried to mock me for not knowing, you can have a bad day!!( maybeif he comes back I’ll send him ur way ??)Bye bye!”

Photo Credit: Craigslist

The lesson here? Be careful out there animal lovers. You may not know what kind of dangerous animal you’re bringing home, even when you think you’re doing the right thing.