This Beautiful Art Installation in Seoul Looks Like a Giant Crashing Wave

Photo Credit: YouTube

Korean digital media tech company D’strict recently installed an incredible work of art on a huge LED screen that look exactly like big beautiful blue ocean waves rolling in, one after the other.

This is truly stunning. Take a look!

The art piece is displayed in the COEX Square of Seoul’s Gangnam District. It’s so impressive, it quickly went viral.

D’strict titled it ”#1_WAVE with Anamorphic illusion,” and it is a part of the Public Media Series.

A similar D’strict installation last year was titled “The Infinity Wall“ for the Nexen UniverCity Project.

The COEX is a conference expo center and shopping mall found in the Gangnam district.

For this particular display, the screens of the center have been made to look like one gorgeous aquarium. To properly see the full effect, you have to look at them from a certain angle. That’s due to the wave’s anamorphic illusion.

The massive LED displays were developed by Samsung and they are 80.1 meters in length and 20.1 meters in height with resolutions of up to 7,840×1,952 pixels.

Typically, the screens are used to serve as video billboards for advertisements and K-pop videos.  Shoppers and other visitors loved seeing fantastic art displayed there instead.

And, we would love to see more art like this from D’strict!