An Astronaut Shared the Moment Her Dog Saw Her for the First Time in Almost a Year

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Even though Christina Koch is a NASA astronaut, this video proves that she’s just a regular person who loves her pets like family just like the rest of us do.

Koch recently spent almost a year in space (328 days, to be exact) and her journey was the longest ever in space for a woman.

Koch and her colleagues were working on “biology, technology development, and the search for evidence of dark matter.” That’s way over my head, but that’s why I’m sitting here in a recliner and she’s working for NASA.


But Koch had a very special someone waiting for her when she got home: her dog Sadie Lou, who she describes as an LBD: a little brown dog.

Judging by the evidence, it’s pretty clear that Sadie Lou missed her mom and couldn’t wait for her to come back to her home planet so the two could spend some time together.

Enjoy the sweet video of these two having their reunion.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…we don’t deserve dogs.

But hey, we’ve got ’em so why not share your love in the comments!

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