An Indiana Town Allowed People to Pay off Parking Tickets by Donating Cat Food

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I really enjoy hearing stories like this: where officials get creative about how folks can pay off fines. There was one about kids in California being able to “read away” their fines at the local library, and another about people in Las Vegas paying parking tickets with donated school supplies.

Well, here’s another story in that realm. The police department in Muncie, Indiana, has teamed up with Muncie Animal Care and Services to help out the kitties! The two agencies combined forces, and now people in Muncie can pay their parking fines by donating food to the animal shelter.

Muncie Animal Care and Services currently has more than 350 cats and kittens in its shelter. It’s a sad but true fact that shelters for homeless animals across the country are often extremely short on supplies, and the same is true for Muncie, Indiana.

The police even told residents that they would come and pick up the donated items if people were not able to drive the supplies to the shelter themselves.

The program was only good for several days in July 2019, but it raised a lot of awareness about the supply shortage for animal shelters and hopefully people will be encouraged to give on a regular basis. Also, it’s possible that the shelter and the police department will team up to offer this initiative again at some point in the future.

I love this idea! Here’s to hoping that these kinds of partnerships develop in cities and towns all across the U.S.