An IT Department’s Walkout Creates Bad Karma for an Unappreciative Company

If you’ve ever worked at a soul-sucking job, you’ve probably fantasized about walking out, and you’ve perhaps also fantasized about everyone walking out with you.

One team of techs did just that when management underestimated how much they were needed. They not only walked out but found far greener pastures and the management team and the company got its just desserts, according to one Redditor.

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The IT team’s pay wasn’t particularly great, but it was good enough for the area, at least it was when the person telling the story started the job.

However, after a few years, things were looking bleak.

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They were about to get surprisingly darker—the company had decided to restructure and hadn’t told anyone.

This isn’t going to turn out good…

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IT department members, specifically, would lose a good portion of their salaries, while managers would only see their salaries increase.

Yeah, that’ll work out…

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The team decided to strike back.

They convened at a backyard BBQ to hatch their plan.

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When they came in the following week, they quit in one fell swoop, leaving the entire company in disarray.

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A senior engineer, who quit before they did, was able to help them out.

Their former company struggled after they left, and it wasn’t long before the writing was on the wall for their terrible decision.

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The Redditor who told this story had to move on for personal reasons, but the new company that treated these workers with appreciation is still going strong.

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Have you ever left a job you hated? Ever stand up for yourself in the face of completely a$$holery?

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