Angry Cockatoo Destroys the Bird Spikes Stopping Him from Sitting Exactly Where He Wants To

Image Credit: Facebook

No one likes to be told what to do, and if you know anything about birds, you probably know this goes double for our feathered friends.

Australian Isaac Sherring-Tito saw this truth on full display as he walked down a Katoomba street one day, only to be accosted by pieces of a spiky, anti-bird system falling from the sky.

Image Credit: Facebook

He looked up to see a pissy cockatoo ripping out the spikes meant to keep him off the ledge, then dropping them over the edge, one section at a time.

Damn the man.

Image Credit: Facebook

Cockatoos are native to the area and can live up to 60 years, with the oldest known one, a bird called Cookie, making it to the ripe old age of 83.

Presumably because they’re full of piss and vinegar and give death – and bird spikes – the finger.

Because they have two toes on each foot that point backward, they’re able to use their feet like hands. That, combined with some clever and determined beak-usage, allowed this Aussie bird to dismantle the contraption his human enemies though would keep him down.

It turns out that this particular bird is well-known in the area, too – and not just for smashing the human-archy.

The gig is up, little bird.

Punks everywhere salute you, though.