Angry Fun-Hater Writes Note to Pokémon GO Players Telling Them to (Literally) Get Off His Lawn

Huffington Post

No doubt about it – the recent quest to “catch ’em all” has encouraged people to get off their couches, out into the fresh air, and to abandon all sense of propriety and shame.

In Sydney, Australia, hundreds of people swarmed a neighborhood hunting for rare Pokémon.


Photo Credit: Facebook

Another prime example: when the appearance of a Vaporeon caused an actual stampede in Central Park.


Credit: YouTube

You may have noticed an uptick in so-called “adults” on your social media feeds lately – fun-haters who don’t get the phenomenon and are sick and tired of hearing about catching Pokémon from the likes of you.

Well, this guy decided to take his annoyance to a new level, and he wrote a note to the people playing outside his Vancouver apartment building.


Photo Credit: Twitter