Anti-Vaxxers Tried to Come up with a New Name for Themselves, and It Went Horribly Wrong

Photo Credit: iStock

Anti-vaxxers have built a very negative reputation in the media. At this point, when you see the word “anti-vaxxer” in a headline, you can pretty much guarantee that you’re about to read an off-the-wall story. That’s why anti-vaxxers are sick of being called that name. They’d like to go by a new name now…

But Twitter is not having it.

The anti-vaxxer website Crazy Mothers posted a demand for media outlets to “please retire the use of the term ‘Anti-vaxxer.'” They say that the term is “derogatory, inflammatory, and marginalizes both women and their experiences.”

“It is dismissively simplistic, highly offensive and largely false,” the statement read on Instagram.

Their new name of choice? “Vaccine risk aware.”

Interesting! The post went viral, and not in a good way. People all over Twitter are mocking the statement and the new name.

Many have chimed in with their own new names for anti-vaxxers, which are decidedly less polite.

“If you don’t want Anti-vax, the only thing left is Self-Indulgent And Irresponsible Crazyperson,” one immunologist wrote on Twitter.

“Would Pro-Diptheria be better?” another person quipped.

Other suggestions included Pro-Epidemic, Pro-Death-From-Preventable-Illness, Plague Enthusiasts, Child-Death Enthusiasts, Pro-Disease, and Clown.

And that’s just the beginning! The new nicknames were endless.

We’re guessing this is the exact opposite outcome that the anti-vaxxers were aiming for. Whoops!