Employee Gets Sweet Revenge On Office Food Thief …Using Ants

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Listen, I love a good revenge story as much as the rest of the internet, but sometimes people take it too far. This one, I don’t know…it makes my skin crawl!

You’ll have to decide for yourself whether or not the punishment fits the crime, I guess – so here goes.

It begins with a man lucky enough to have a wife who packs him lunch every day – and not only that, to include some kind of delicious sweet for an afternoon treat.

It wasn’t the whole lunch, but the treat that began to go missing on a regular basis.

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The poster sounds pretty chill. He made a general announcement that he knows his sweet treats are delicious, but if people could stop stealing them, that would be great.

He suspected that it was his office mate Steve, and when he popped up one day with what appeared to be a bit of stolen caramel brownie on his lip, the original poster confronted him. He lied, and that is when the revenge plot was hatched.

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During orientation, Steve admitted he was very afraid – nay, terrified – of insects. All of them. So, reader, the original poster bought a bag of chocolate-covered ants at the candy store, swapped them into a bag meant to hold chocolate covered toffee, and waited.

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The treat went missing, and within the hour, Steve was weeping on the floor in the fetal position in front of half the office.

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Their boss noticed (obviously) and asked the original poster what had happened. She thought it was funny, but asked him not to take matters into his own hands the next time.

For Steve’s part, everyone thought he had been punished enough (though I’m not sure how you keep working there after that).

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Since he did feel bad about it afterward, I’m inclined to forgive him for the revenge, which was probably deserved.

As someone with a true phobia of stinging insects, though, I also feel a bit bad for Steve.

I suppose you reap what you sow and all of that.

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