Anvils Do Float in Liquid Mercury and Here Is Video Footage To Prove It

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

CodyDon Reeder is a science YouTuber who conducted a science experiment that first got him the attention of BoingBoing. His channel, Cody’s Lab features some creative DIY science experiments. He specializes in making these experiments easy to understand and to make science less intimidating.

Then again, he did decide to stand on some liquid mercury, confess that it’s cutting his circulation off, and then decide to throw an anvil on there for good measure.

Here’s Cody explaining what he’s about to do, and holding on to the anvil that will later float on this vat of liquid mercury.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Liquid mercury is quite dense and harmful to the human body.

That’s why Reeder is standing in a container that used to contain antifreeze, and in some sort of giant tub.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Next, Reeder carefully placed the anvil into the tub full of liquid mercury.

The vat of liquid mercury makes the picture look quite surreal.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Just look at the anvil relax in its pool of toxic liquid!

Photo Credit: YouTube

So how does this work exactly?

As it turns out, mercury is denser than the iron that makes up the anvil. Since the iron contains less matter, then anvils can easily float in liquid mercury. The experiment looks cool, but remember that you need to take precautions when conducting science experiments, and you really shouldn’t try them at home.

Instead, you can check out the full video of this experiment.

The experiment looks kinda cool, but what did you think? Is this something you would try at home?

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