Chuck E. Cheese Has a Dark Story — He Is An Orphan Who Celebrates Other Kids’ Birthdays Because He Doesn’t Know His Own

©Facebook,Chuck E. Cheese

Okay, raise your hand if you even knew the character Chuck E. Cheese had an origin story. Also, did you ever learn what the “E”, as in his middle initial, stands for?

“Entertainment.” Charles Entertainment Cheese. Who knew? Mind = BLOWN.

Chuck E. Cheese’s has over 600 locations, so I’m willing to bet that you spent at least a little bit of time there as a kid at a pizza party for someone’s birthday. I’m sorry, but this article might make you feel a little bit differently about your time frolicking throughout the arcade and getting your photo taken with Chuck E.

Because his background is kinda depressing. Hang on for the mouse’s tale…

Chuck E. Cheese is an orphan, and he grew up in St. Mariana’s Orphanage. He loved to play games and sing the “Happy Birthday” song. The online book detailing his childhood reads, “Because Chuck E. was an orphan, no one knew when his birthday was, so he never had a birthday party of his own. This made Chuck E. sad.”

Chuck E. liked celebrating other kids’ birthdays since he didn’t know his own. At these parties, he developed a love for pizza and video games. After a while, Chuck E. won $50 in a Pong video game tournament, bought a bus ticket to New York and left the orphanage.

But New York City was hard. “Chuck E. would sleep above the kitchen in a pizzeria run by a friendly Italian chef named Pasqually. Chuck E. loved the smell of pizza plus he had plenty of music: Pasqually would listen to, and sing along to, the radio. It was a great place to live.”

Pasqually the chef eventually discovered Chuck E. was living there and he freaked out. Chuck E. didn’t know what else to do so he sang. Pasqually was shocked that a mouse could sing and he decided he was going to make Chuck E. a star.

Chuck E.’s first singing performance was a major bomb and people started walking out of the restaurant. He eventually sang “Happy Birthday” and that went over much better with the crowd. Chuck E. created a franchise for pizza, games, and, most importantly, birthdays, and it turned into the Chuck E. Cheese’s that we all know and love.

As you can imagine, people on Twitter were blown away.

Wow, that was an emotional rollercoaster. I’m spent.