You would think that adults know how to behave themselves in a public place, but that might be giving the human race just a little bit too much credit, you know?

Aaaaand here we are.

I think if I belonged to any of these gyms, I’d cancel my membership immediately. Just…gross.

1. Disgusting

How Many Times This Had to Happen for the Note to Appear? Female Shower of my Gym. from trashy

2. Classy!

Sign at the local gym from trashy

3. Watching porn at the gym

Not out of the ordinary to hear moaning at my gym. Just usually not cumming from a laptop. from trashy

4. That’s not water

Bringing a handle of vodka to the gym from trashy

5. Biting the equipment: really?

Who Does This? from trashy

6. Gross

People who leave gum on gym equipment, seriously who does this???? from trashy

7. Thief!

At my local gym. Why can’t we just have nice things… from trashy

8. No consideration for others

The fact they need to put a up a sign… Found in local gym while visiting my girlfriend’s family. from trashy

9. Shave and then don’t clean up?

Someone left this at the gym from trashy

10. That is f**king revolting

Found above the urinal in my local gym. from trashy

11. No pee pee

The Sauna in the gym in Sioux Lookout, ON. Classy people doing classy things. from trashy

12. No sharing, apparently

This guy at the gym… from trashy

13. Nasty

My gross gym. All the trans cans in the locker room are like this. from trashy

Some people are just really unbelievable.