Arcade Teases Toilet Paper Hoarders With a Claw Game

Photo Credit: YouTube

You know the claw game where you manipulate a grabber inside a plexiglass box to win a stuffed animal or ball?

An arcade filled one of those games with dozens of rolls of toilet paper just to troll people who’ve hoarded the bath tissue.


Eddy Chapman runs Chapmans Funland in Bridlington, England. He came up with the idea when he saw people in a frency to buy all the toilet paper to the point of scarcity because of the global COVID-19 outbreak.

He told the PA News Agency, “I was just in the shop and I thought, ‘People are panic buying it, it’s piled up high here, let’s see what we can do with it, have a bit of fun with it.’ I put it in the crane, before I knew it the local press was here – it went viral.”

Photo Credit: YouTube

The game charges suckers, I mean players, the equivalent of 39-cents to move the little claw around in an attempt to grab a prize–usually a plush toy.

Chapman says the game has been a hit. “The feedback we’ve had is fantastic. Everybody that comes to it is laughing, just fun. The atmosphere is brilliant.”

Well, that is until social distancing became a thing.

Photo Credit; Wikimedia

And while no one went to the arcade strictly to win toilet paper, players could have won a roll if they really tried.

“I just think, it’s got a hole in the middle – get one of the arms through the hole and you might just get lucky.”

One man from West Yorkshire did manage to snag a roll.

“I’m chuffed to bits. It were worth driving 68 miles and spending £30 to win that.”

Ever since news of a potential global outbreak of coronavirus hit, a history-making run on toilet paper has left store shelves bare and people frustrated all over the world.

Let’s hope sanity prevails and people don’t keep hoarding toilet paper… because NOBODY NEEDS THAT MUCH TOILET PAPER!!!!

Phew… that felt good.