Are We Really Obligated To Do Anything To Please A Bride?

There are no shortage of posts on Reddit’s Am I The A$$hole forum that deal with brides, weddings, and other people’s obligation to those people and events, but you’re really going to have to buckle up for this one, folks.

The couple, who are are having a Harry Potter themed wedding just so happen to have a friend – OP – who trains owls, so it seemed like a no-brainer (I guess) to ask him to have one of his owls fly the rings down the aisle at the wedding.

I am a Falconer and perform in Falconry shows with my owls. There is some debate in the community over owls being used but it has gained a lot of traction over the years and I find my owls are easier to manage for me personally than my other birds were.

My friend is having a Harry Potter themed wedding and is begging to have me work with one of my owls to have the ring flown down the aisle to them bringing up how well trained they are and how it will really sell the moment.

The only problem is that he can’t be 100% sure that the owls will do as he asks, and he feels like that’s too big of a risk to take with rings that are expensive/irreplaceable in the moment.

Now, in theory this could be done after all 9 times out of 10 they’ll do exactly as I want it’s just the 1 time i’m worried about and I don’t exactly want to take that risk with wedding rings.

He offered instead to bring some owls for pictures, etc, but the bride is insisting that they trust him and his owls and he’s just being overly cautious.

I explained my concerns to my friend and said it wasn’t a risk i’d advise they take, I offered as an alternative me coming with all my owls and helping them and the guests take pictures with them and maybe even do a little brief flying show as a gift to them.

My friend is upset with me saying she has seen how well i’ve trained them and has complete confidence they wont mess up, and how this would be such a huge thing for the wedding.

Now he’s wondering whether he’s done his due diligence and should just give in, or whether they’re his owls and therefore his rules.

It’s their risk to take I guess but I a just not entirely comfortable with this….am I the asshole for saying no?

should I just agree but stress that if a f**k up happens it’s not on me as I warned them?

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad Reddit is the one weighing in here and not me!

First off, they’re his owls and he can do what he wants with them.

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I guess no one really loves a compromise.

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It really doesn’t sound like OP’s friend is very appreciative of his efforts.

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OP will also have to worry about his birds all night instead of just enjoying the wedding.

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Some people had some really creative alternative suggestions, too!

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I think OP probably could have worked this out. That said, he’s absolutely under no obligation to do so.

What do you think? Should the owls stay home or make an appearance? Let’s keep talking about this bizarre question down in the comments!