Are You Doomed if You’re an Average Student? 10 People Explain Why You Can Do Just Fine.

Photo Credit: Pxfuel

With everything going on in our anxiety-provoking world today, it’s perhaps students who are feeling most of the angst. Grades are king and high-schoolers are pushed to their limits with a full day at school, hours of study after school, and for some, holding a job. But you need excellent grades to get into a decent school to earn a powerful degree to get the job that will allow you a decent life.


Recently, a discussion of grades and future job prospects happened on Reddit.

It started with this question:

What are some decent paying jobs you can get if you were a C student in highschool?

1. Learning a trade almost guarantees you a steady job and paycheck.

Trade school can open up high paying careers such as welding and hvac

2. Well-paying federal government jobs often don’t require fantastic grades.

Postal service USPS always hiring you just gotta be willing to work.

But $18.56 starting ain’t bad.


3. If you’re willing to learn carpentry and plumbing, you’ve got a great career.

To risk sounding like my old man… the average age of people in the trades (carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc) are all getting older, so there is a demand for young people.

They pay exceedingly well when you’ve topped out, and not too bad as a noob.

AND THEY DON’T CARE if you even graduated or not, so long as you’re willing to work.


4. Machining will always keep you employed and well-paid.

If you were decent with numbers and practical math look into machining i was a d student and am currently making 20 an hour in a state where the minimum wage is like 8 dollars

5. Know what employers are really looking for.

Employers typically want something more tangible than grades. You’re more likely to get asked about the projects and groups you’ve been involved in and the skill that came from those opportunities than being asked for your transcripts. They want to know you got your diploma or GED and then why you have skills for the job you’re applying for.

Also, side tip, if you’re looking at a job that says, “College degree preferred” or something to that effect, apply anyways. There’s no promise that an applicant with a college degree will apply, and the company may need to fill the position quickly giving you a higher chance of getting hired.

6. Assisting with IT issues will never go away.

I work on an IT Helpdesk.
Its pretty easy work and you can start around $18+ probably depending where you live.

7. Just be dependable, trainable and personable.

Your grades in high school only matter if you’re trying to get into college.

Employers don’t care as long as you graduate.

8. Good point, although you probably won’t get into medical school.

What do you call the person who graduated last in Medical School?

9. Air traffic controllers make a great salary and are in high demand.

Believe it or not Air Traffic Controller. My Uncle makes 155,000 a year full federal benefits and he was a high school drop out who obtained a GED.

The job is really about a set of natural skills that only about 40% of the population has.

It may be YOU!

10. Sales does not require stellar grades and the pay is high.

If you’re good communicator, get into sales, then upgrade into industry (btb). Motivation, flexibility and “bite” will bring you forward.

Automotive, railways or aviation – 70k at age 30, 100k at 45 …


What most employers want is a dependable, drug-free employee who is willing to work hard. Be easy to train and easy to get along with. Start looking for entry-level positions and you’ll never know where you’ll end up.

In the end, no one cares what you grades you made in high school.