1 Million People Say They Are Going To ‘Storm Area 51’, Here Are Jokes People Made About It

Photo Credit: Twitter

In case you didn’t get the invite, everyone and their mama is planning to storm Area 51 in September. Over a million people RSVPed to the viral fake event, prompting the U.S. Air Force to issue an actual warning to anyone who’s really considering following through with it.

Meanwhile on Twitter, people are sharing endless stories about what they’re going to do with the aliens they bring home from Area 51 after the raid.

Some aliens will have a very long drive ahead of them (Area 51 is in Nevada).

We probably have some influencer aliens in our future. Kanye West will be ALL OVER THIS.

But wait, how are all these extraterrestrial creatures going to get along with our pets?!?!


And are they really going to ~understand~ us humans?

As a matter of fact — are they going to understand how anything works at all?

Meh, probably not. Freeing an alien from Area 51 is starting to sound like a lot of work.

But, ya know, definitely worth it for these memes.