Artist Creates Adorable Felt Cats With Big Personalities

The internet can’t get enough cats, and this Russian artist gives us one more reason to squee!

Elizabeth Delektorskaya’s felt kitty creations are the stuff of “aww!” They look like they could come to life at any moment, not as real cats, necessarily, but as their big-eyed, animated counterparts (think Puss and Boots from Shrek.)


The kitties come complete with precious whiskers, little pointed ears, and sparkling eyes that reveal their mischievous and loveable personalities. Delektorskaya has added accessories, including matching scarves and collars, giving each cat a distinct character.


Some look like they are ready to play with a massive ball of yarn, while others give the distinct impression they just want to cuddle. Whatever their choice, it’s fine by us.


Delektorskaya, who hails from Severodvinsk, Russia, creates these adorable kittens from 100% natural sheep’s wool and a unique dry felting technique. Depending upon their complexity, and how much of the kitten she’s making (just the face or the whole body), she spends anywhere from 3 hours to 7 days on one piece.


Delektorskaya shows off all her many cat creations on Instagram. There’s no word as to whether you can commission any, but if you have a friend that reads and writes Russian, perhaps they can help you find out.


She wants people to know that, although her felt four-legged friends are cuddly, they are indeed fragile; they are pieces of art and should be handled with extreme care.


While of these cute kitties are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!