Artist Gives These 13 Modern Movies and Television Shows Vintage VHS Covers

Just when you think the internet can’t get any cooler and quirkier, artist @iamsteelman goes and gives our favorite contemporary movies and television shows perfectly vintage “updates.”

Personally, I’ve never wondered what a VHS tape of last year’s Oscar winner would look like, but now I can’t stop.

I bet you won’t be able to either.

13. Joker

That “tagline” is kind of a spoiler.


12. Midsommar

I’m glad he thought to put the green sticker warning on.


11. It Follows

That typeface is swoony.


10. I’d see this movie!

Get on it!


9. The VVitch

I love the video store thing at the bottom.


8. Pee Wee’s Big Holiday

The blood is really great.


7. Rise of Skywalker

Yep, this one fits right in.


6. The Hateful Eight

This is beautiful!


5. Suspiria

I love the title font.


4. Not a one of these isn’t perfect.

How does he do it?


3. Wolf Cop

This is a movie that actually exists!


2. The Revenant

Absolutely terrifying!


1. Logan

He definitely fits in the 80s.


This all has such a nostalgic feel, right? Remember when you roamed around those aisles? It was so much fun! I personally spent hours and hours and hours just to find the exact right VHS… and then you brought it home… and then RETURNED it.

Yes, physical media isn’t done yet. It’ll make a comeback very soon. I can see it already.

Which one of these is amazing and you want it in your life? Tell us in the comments! We would love to read your thoughts.

Thanks, fam!