Artist Makes Flower Crowns for Dogs and Cats, and We Bow Before their Cuteness.

Photo Credit: Jenna Hamra from Pexels

As a prop for an Instagram pic, San Diego artist and college professor Yarely wove a flower crown and popped it on her Australian shepherd. Little did she know, that first crown would be the start of a brand. Now, Freya’s Floral Company creates beautiful flower crowns for dogs, cats – and also humans.

Using artificial flowers, Yarely makes each crown a one-of-a-kind creation.

But how do you get a dog to wear a crown made of flowers? Yarely says it may be easier at first to fix the crown on your pup’s head with the attached ribbons tied under the chin like a bonnet. Or, even tied loosely around the neck like a fancy collar. For photos, she has trained Freya to lie down first and then she balances the crown on top. Also, treats!

She draws inspiration from how the flowers look on Freya. “It’s all about experimenting.” For custom orders, she spends as much time with each buyer as it takes to get the right colors and balance of fullness.

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Dog mom extraordinaire Hannah from @maggielovesorbit made an awesome blog about fur babies in flower crowns!! Check it out to read the mini interview. ✨ . . . The accounts featured: @thegoodqueenadelaide @maple.cat @layla.theaussie @chasingfurrytales @aussie_freya . . . Thank you for checking it out. ☺️ Blog link in @maggielovesorbit bio

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She also studies real floral arrangements to find her next ideas. The different types of flowers and colors spark her creativity.

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Those blue eyes really pop with this crown! ? . . . . There will be one more release and then I will be taking a short break from the shop. I need to catch up on orders and take a mental health break. ✨ . . Important information: I will NOT be accepting new custom orders for the month of April.

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Even Instagram celebrity and influencer Leonidas of leo.mainecoon (he’s a cat) likes to model Yarely’s crowns for his 155,000-plus followers. His fans are crazy about this look.

Handsome Leo knows he is special and beautiful in his majestic coronet. Some people are born royal, but in Yarely’s crowns, these pretty pets show us they are the true kings of Instagram.