Artists Are Sharing Their Creative Talents on Facebook in the Group “Quarantined Cabaret”

Image Credit: Facebook

There hasn’t been a whole lot of good to come out of this whole COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. We’re stuck at home with our families, we’re still trying to work, we’re washing our hands so much our skin is cracking, we’re worried about our parents and our friends with crappy immune systems and how we’re going to pay our bills.

In short, we could all use a break a few times a day. And if you ask me, it’s in times like these that the creatives among us are at their best.

This Facebook group, called Quarantined Cabaret, is inviting singers and dancers and actors from all over the world to post their talents in order to connect, to continue to create, and yes, to lift everyone’s spirits.

People are singing showtunes…

And popular music!

They’re dancing, if that’s what makes them happiest.

They’re including their kids and dogs and rolling with the punches.

And even coming up with original content related to the coronavirus.

This one is my personal favorite, so please enjoy.

Guys… this is absolutely the best thing to come out of the quarantine situation so far, and I’m going to continue to “waste” time scrolling through posts.

I hope they never end!

Let us know which of these you love the best in the comments! 😀