Astonishing Dilation Chart Shows Why Mothers Deserve All the Things

Photo Credit: SCV Birth Center

There are a LOT of reasons why mothers deserve all the things, but this dilation chart that shows exactly how intense childbirth is? Yeah, this reason is definitely top five.

The SCV Birth Center shared a photo of a dilation chart, which has various holes in it to show the stages of cervical dilation. The largest hole is 10 centimeters — just big enough for a baby’s head (hopefully!!!).

Yes, this is what happens to a cervix during birth.

The chart is generally used as an educational demo for expecting mamas. But now, it’s being used to educate everyone on the internet about how moms are real-life badasses.

Steffanie Christi’an reposted the photo with the caption: “This is what 10cm of dilation looks like. This is why we deserve all the things.”

Yeah, couldn’t agree more with you there, Steffanie. The post has been shared 181,000 times so far, so clearly a lot of other people agree too.

If you’re a mom (who gave birth vaginally), the chart is a reminder of exactly how much you’ve gone through for your kids…and exactly how much credit you deserve for it.

Photo Credit: Facebook

If you’re not a mom but could be, the chart will possibly scare you away from motherhood forever, because DAMN that hole is huge.

Photo Credit: Facebook

And if you have a mom, the chart may prompt you to say “Thank you” more often. She deserves all the things!

And Mother’s Day is coming up.