Flat-Earthers Are Complaining About Astronauts Posting Photos Of The Round Planet Earth

Photo Credit: Pexels

It’s been established that the Earth is round – we’ve known this for many hundreds of years. It wasn’t particularly controversial for much of that time, but for some reason there has recently sprung up a small contingent of people that insists, incorrectly, that the world is flat.

Jessica Mier is a NASA astronaut who witnessed the beauty of looking at Earth from a distance. She shared a few photos online with the world so the rest of us could appreciate our home.

There are always people who want to diminish something beautiful and positive. After Mier uploaded these photos, flat-earthers showed their disdain.

Several people accused NASA (and Mier) of using a fisheye lens to take photos of our “flat” Earth. You’re probably familiar with this, but a fisheye lens can make objects look more curved and wider. This effect can make flat objects look more spherical.

Others quickly shut down these flat earth theories.


Well, at least some of these good people tried to knock some sense into flat-earthers.

Mier currently resides in the International Space Station and is an accomplished physiologist from Texas. It’s clear that she loves her job, and she frequently posts about what she sees from space, the history of astronomy, and her workplace adventures.

She even delivers lectures from space!

Regardless of what a few flat-earthers might say, Mier is clearly going to continue killing it at NASA.

What did you think of these pictures and the flat-earthers’ responses? If you have anything to say about these photographs or the flat-earthers who might try to discredit them, know what we’ll totally respect your comments…