People Share Stories About the Worst Things Doctors Ever Said to Them

I visited a doctor once who shall remain nameless and my experience was so bad that all I could say to myself was, “How the hell did this guy ever get a medical license?”


And, judging by these unpleasant stories from AskReddit users, I guess I’m not alone!

Check out their stories and see what you think.

That’s bad.

“That I have genital warts, proceeded to freeze them off, and sent me on my way.

I went to my family doctor and she told me I did NOT have genital warts, and was very confused by the other doctor’s diagnosis and treatment.

Found out later on that the original doctor who gave me Tx and diagnosed me with GW had come to Canada because he lost his license while practicing in the USA, then shortly after, his clinic was no longer open in my area.”

That’s not helping.

“When I was 7, I slipped and hit my head on the door axle. I was rushed to the hospital cause well, at that age, my skull was like butter.

I was crying a lot, and one of the doctors told me “Stop crying or I’ll make it hurt more”.”

What an a**hole.

“This was overheard by a friend of mine when a neurosurgeon looked at the CT of her son’s brain: “There’s no point in doing this one. This kid is done. I’m out of here.”

The good news is another neurosurgeon did the surgery and the kid (now about 40) is perfectly fine today.”

Now what?

“Said I might have cancer and then walked out the door.

For 20 mins I sat there contemplating do I really have cancer and what will my life be now.

Nurse came in and was like yea it’s not cancer. Just a blood clot.”

Broke out in tears.

“In middle school, I was seeing a psychiatrist for generalized anxiety and panic disorder.

I had been struggling with my weight because I was too anxious to eat, and at one point I was about 15 pounds underweight. I started taking antidepressants, and I gained weight once my anxiety started improving.

One day, my psychiatrist brought me over to a scale so he could weigh me. He told me that I needed to watch what I was eating because I was “starting to get fat.” I was FINALLY at the low end of a healthy weight after struggling for months, and it was such a blow to my self esteem after all the progress I had made.

I broke out in tears as soon as he said that, it crushed me. My mom yelled at him, and we walked out of his office and never came back.”

Good Lord.

“”If the headaches and tinnitus are still present in a month come back and see me again because its probably a brain tumour”.

And with those few words my then dr triggered a years long battle with health anxiety.

It wasn’t a brain tumour, just a sinus infection.”


“I was newly clean and had to have most of my teeth pulled.

The dental surgeon poked around at my healed over track marks then brought all his staff in to look at them. Then he began accusing me of “taking co**ine and Xanax” the night before and threatening he ciuldnt put me out because that.

I literally did not understand what was happening. It was humiliating on a level I cannot explain. I was already humiliated and embarrassed at the shape of my mouth…now this?”

What’s the deal?

“”You do not seem to be in pain.”

If you look calm, they do not believe you are in pain.

So they refuse to find out what causes the pain.”

Are you pretending?

“A doctor told my parents I’d gotten used to all the attention after having an emergency appendectomy and was only pretending to still be in excruciating pain (I was 7 ish).

What actually happened was they’d left acid just around and it was literally burning tissue and creeping over to my liver. I spent a month in the hospital.”

Doesn’t really help.

“”You’re too young to be stressed”.

My doctor in high school told me that. I was living in an emotionally a**sive situation after being homeless.

“Stop being such a baby” my dentist in high school when I was uncomfortable.”

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