He Rented a Goat to Take Care of His Lawn. Is He Wrong?

Hey, I like this idea!

Why not rent a goat to take care of your lawn when you’re not in the mood to cut that thing?

But apparently, this guy took some heat for his stroke of genius…

So did he act like an a**hole?

Check out his story below and see what you think.

AITA for renting a goat?

“So I (30M) h**e cutting grass. H**e it, h**e it, h**e it.

The sound of the lawn mower makes me wish I could take my ears off like Mr. Potato head and lock them in a box. It hurts my shoulder (I got injured in HS and it never healed right) and I might be the only person in the world who doesn’t like the smell of cut gras and gasoline.

This week was the very first week this year that I would need to cut the grass. We live in a fairly warm state, and the HOA is very strict about it. We even have little flags at the front of the yard that the grass isn’t allowed to get taller then.

So the point is. The lawn needs to be mowed. I don’t want to do it. My wife can’t because the last time she mowed a lawn she tipped into a lake.

Just so happens I know a guy who owns a goat, and I offer him $20 to bring it over to eat the grass for me.

The goat eats the grass, we keep her away from the neighbors yards, goat goes home. It was great! Way better than mowing.

Except now my wife is mad because some of the neighbors saw the goat and think it’s hysterical that we had a goat doing yard work for us. She’s p**sed that I made us look like ‘weird hicks’ in front of all of her friends. I don’t care if they think we’re a little weird, I’m happy to be laughed at if it means saving myself from the headache inducing sound of a lawn mower.

But now she’s making weird comments around the house about getting a horse to carry groceries, or a chicken to clean the windows since there’s no man in the house who can. I didn’t expect her to react so negatively to a goat, but maybe I’m missing something?

So was an I an a**hole?”

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