Woman Asks if She’s a Jerk for Bailing Out on Her Girls Trip

Things have to be pretty bad if you’re already ON YOUR WAY to the airport for a trip with your friends and you decide to turn around and go home.

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AITA for turning around and going home on my way to the airport for a girls trip?

“I (23F) was supposed to go on a girls weekend trip to Spain with my long time friend of almost 10 years (24F) and her other female friend (28F) who I was excited to meet.

We all live in Germany, but her and her friend live about 3.5 hours away from me and I live closer to Frankfurt. They decided that they wanted to drive through the night (about 10 hour) and arrive in the morning and said that if I could meet them in their town I could drive with them. I instead elected to just fly over and meet them there since I live so close to an airport.

The day before the trip she texts me a link to book some tickets to a museum that her and her friend booked. She told me to book for 2pm, which is when they booked for. When I clicked the link, the only time slot available was 8:35am. I pretty much was like whatever I will do something else while they are doing that.

The night before the trip I text her asking her how much I owed her for accommodations and whatever else that we are splitting. This is the second time I’ve asked her since her friend was the one doing the bookings and I just assumed I would send them my share when they told me how much it cost.

She didn’t answer but I just assumed she was sleeping to prepare for the long drive. The morning of my flight (3 hours before my flight leaves) she tells me that I had to book my own hotel room because they’re having a guy friend come with them that they invited last minute.

She sent me a link so I could book at the same hotel as them for that night, but all the rooms were fully booked. I searched around the area too and all rooms were booked or very expensive.

I really wanted to go so I just kind of let it go and prepared myself to spend some extra money for a hotel room for myself in a different hotel, but on the way to the airport I had a gut feeling that I wasn’t going to enjoy myself. So I turned around and went home and sent her a text saying I was going to sit this one out because I was expecting a girls trip.

She’s being short with me now and thinks I’m being unreasonable.


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