Man Wants to Know if He’s Wrong for Wanting His Wife to Make Dinner

I think if you’re in a relationship, you should split up the cooking…unless one person REALLY likes to do it…or is WAY better at it.

And today’s story from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page revolves around a guy who wants to know if he’s wrong for wanting his wife to make dinner.

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AITA for wanting my wife to make my dinner?

“Me (M25) and my wife of over a year (F26) (together for over 4) have always had a good relationship with each other. It has felt very love filled.

We recently got into an apartment, one bedroom like 700 square ft so not huge. Once this happened I feel like things may have shifted. I work very long hours throughout the week with sometimes only one or maybe zero days off in the week, average of 75-80 hours a week.

I bring home a majority of the money, (my paychecks are almost over 80% our whole income) not that it affects how I think of her and our relationship.

She is able to provide things like fun groceries (snacks/sweets) and when we go out she can pay for things like the tip or drinks and I really appreciate that and tell her thank you when she can swing it. She also does most of the chores in the small apt. Other than that I’m the person paying for our life. (Groceries/toiletries/outings/clothes/makeup and not to mention rent and all other real bills)

She works in a VERY different field and works 3 sometimes if her job requires, 4 days a week. She is working toward her career and I’m proud of her for this. Most days she’ll work an average of 6 maybe 7 hours on her work days. This is where the problem has started.

Alot of my work nights are late, 12 or 1 am when I get home. Ill pack snacks but never get to eat. So alot of days I come home hungry for an actual meal. Recently those nights have been more frequent and i just don’t want to have to cook something for myself after a 13 hour day after doing the same all week. I just want to be able to eat with the minimal amount of work when I get home.

The other night I came home around 1:30AM and found my wife passed out on the couch with an empty personal pizza from Little Ceasars. I got excited thinking that I had a cold one in the fridge waiting for me…..wrong. annoyed but not upset, I microwave some chef boyardee, scarf it down and call it a night.

The next day I have the same kind of night, around 1:30 I get home. There she is passed out, now with a bowl of macaroni and weenies (one of my favorites) and again. Nothing in the fridge for me.

Not understanding why she couldn’t just make enough for the both of us and put my bowl in the fridge, wake her up to ask. She gets a little snappy if someone wakes her up but this time she was p**sed. Saying that she is NOT my maid and I’m being lazy trying to make her cook for me.

I tell her I’m just hungry after a long day and it upset me seeing she cooked for herself and didn’t think about me at all. I said she was being inconsiderate and that really set her off. Saying if I want a slave then she’s not it. I told her I don’t want a slave, I want a wife who seems to care about me.

She looked at me with a shocked face and stormed out. Her mother texted saying she showed up at their house balling and HOW I should be more considerate to her feelings. I haven’t even responded because I just feel hurt and not cared for.

I just wanted dinner. AITA?”

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