She Brought Her Dog Into a Grocery Store. Is She a Jerk?

Are you one of those people who thinks it’s okay to bring your dog EVERYWHERE or do you find it to be a bit annoying?

Yeah, folks seem to be pretty divided about that one…

So is this woman an a**hole for taking her dog into a grocery store?

Take a look at what she had to say…

AITA for taking my dog into the grocery store for no more than 10 minutes?

“I (F33) am a proud owner of Peanut, my Yorkshire Terrier. I took Peanut to the dog park today and Petsmart. In the same complex is the grocery store I go to. It was a warmer day and didn’t want to leave Peanut in the car. So I leashed him up and took him in with me.

I had planned on a quick trip, no more than ten minutes. I went to the produce department to grab some stuff. A guy, probably in his 30’s, not an employee, rudely told me that pets aren’t allowed in grocery stores and asked why I had my dog with me. Before I could respond he told me it was gross as f**k to have my dog in the produce section.

I explained it was hot out and I planned to be quick in the store. I apologized and said the most convenient thing for me was to come here with Peanut. He told me to f**k off and not to be a lazy pet owner.

Then he stormed off. It was a bit of a scene. Feeling uncomfortable, I just left. I thought it’d be no big deal, Peanut didn’t misbehave or have an accident, and I didn’t think I was being an a**hole.”

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One reader said she’s an a**hole. No doubt about it.

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