What Hobbies Are Immediate Red Flags? Here’s What People Said.

What hobbies do you think raise red flags?

The kind of activities that people pursue that make you think they are just plain WEIRD?

Yeah, it’s an interesting question, don’t you think?

And we’re gonna hear from a bunch of AskReddit users about what they think about this!

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So weird.


I work in a casino.

People get addicted to pressing the button on slots, they don’t even care about winning or losing.

They just wanna feel like they might win.”

Not good for you.

“Posting everything, everything, everything on social media.

It’s unhealthy.”

A problem.

“Anything drug/al**hol related.

I’ve never seen anyone who makes substance their hobby not have some kind of addiction problem with it sooner or later.”

A bit much.

“In Germany, when someone is really into football (soccer for the Americans). Those that are still in the team at a certain age stay there.

They party with their club, they train with them, and when they get to old they start to train the youth.

When they get home they watch football, play fifa or talk about football. Of course this is not always the case, but often enough.”

Let’s pump it up!


But at least you always hear about their red flag hobby within a few sentences of the start of the conversation… saves some time.”

Kinda creepy.

“Deep into Anime…

Gives of really weird vibes especially when people fawn about sparely dressed underage girls…”

What a jerk.

“My former roommate liked to drive in the rain just to splash people.

I find that to be pretty red-flagged.”


“The biggest red flag for me is no hobby.

People who don’t do anything with their free time besides consume passive media, and don’t have any outlet for their creativity or anything to stimulate them mentally.

In my experience those people lack ambition, and aren’t very reliable or responsible. They’re not necessarily bad people, but they make for poor partners in an adult relationship.”

My car is my whole life.

“Their car.

Specifically a truck… bright lights, lifted, perfectly washed, usually a degrading sticker, etc…Yuck.”

Sounds like a bad idea.

“Making social media accounts for your children and posting their entire life from birth onwards for the world and all it’s weirdos to see.”

Not for everyone.

“War re-enacting is a weird one. I knew someone who regularly went to a camp to do Vietnam re-enactments and…I just find it so strange.

In a war where so many young innocents lost their lives and were forced to fight against their will… just weird. How is acting out murder and torture fun?

I don’t think real veterans of that tragedy would appreciate it. Plus he always liked to use the slurs and s**t, thought he was edgy. Gross.”

Just don’t get it.


If they were like a game streamer or an educational video essay creator, sure that’s whatever.

But the kinda people constantly taking pictures / videos of themselves are the kinda people I can’t relate to.”

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