What Can Mess up Your Life if You Experience It Once? People Shared Their Thoughts.

Life can be a game of inches.

And sometimes, one little thing can change the course of your life…

So you gotta be careful out there, friends!

What can mess up your life if you experience it only once?

Check out what folks on AskReddit had to say about this.

1. Heart-wrenching.

“My friend trained as an EMT and got a great job.

He loved what he was doing right up to the day he responded to the house where the 3 y.o. was found in the pool. Just watching the agony of the family fu**ed him up permanently.

He got out of first responder work and now works as a bartender.”

2. Incredible.

“D**ng. I flatlined and was revived.

The process to revive me and “keep me alive” took 15 people 45 minutes. The nurse in the room with me when it happened told me about it after I could sit up in bed and talk (I was intubated, paralyzed, in an induced coma, and on dialysis).

She was bawling and I felt awkward because I didn’t recognize her or remember anything. It’s been 8 years but I still have nightmares that are exactly what I had when I was in a coma and I wake up having panic attacks.”

3. Don’t do it.


I’ve been clean off it since 12/04/2010. I’m glad.

I’m just glad I survived it and didn’t end up 6 ft underground.”

4. Hell no.

“A bad drug trip.

I wound up in the hospital after an intensely bad trip.

F**ked me up for a couple years.”

5. Devastated.

“Not being believed or taken seriously.

Doesn’t matter what the situation is. It is devastating.

Especially when you aren’t the sort of person to just make s**t up.”

6. A tough one.

“Losing a friend that you known like a brother.

Not from experience but it almost happened to me.”

7. War is hell.

“I served in in Desert Storm.

All I’ll say is this, you’ll be surprised what you can do in defense of your life. Eventually, extreme situations become normal place. The problem comes into play trying to adapt back to “everyday” living.

Hence, getting some trigger time in the sandbox will definitely change a person forever. Cheers to all of my other brothers and sisters in arms out there.”

8. Heartbreaking.

“Having a pet turn on you.

Whether it attacks you or finds someone else to be their favorite person.”

9. Evil stuff.


I have watched school friends old work mates and guys I played union and league with get hooked on P and taken out by this drug.

Despite knowing what it has done to many people we know my closest friend is now a user and addict as well. Sooo f**king sad for his wife kids and his siblings.”

10. Sucks.

“Was in a car wreck at 19.

Am now 24 and I have to take several medications just to function after the TBI and whiplash were done with me.”

11. Worried.

“Having a child with anoxic brain injury knowing he will outlive me and wondering who will care for him when I’m gone.”

12. Betrayal.

“Being cheated on.

It stays with you in the back of your mind regardless of wether it was physical or emotional.

It’s happened to me in every single relationship I’ve been in since I started high school except for my first boyfriend who I dated for just about/maybe just shy of a year.

F**king sucks knowing I haven’t been good enough for anyone yet.”

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