13 People Discuss Things They Think Get More Grief Than They Deserve

Hey, what gives…?

Have you ever said that to someone when they gave a lot of grief to something that you didn’t think deserved it?

We all have!

And today we’re going to hear from folks on AskReddit about what they think gets too much grief.

Take a look!

1. I’m with you.

“Black cats.

Black cats are some of the cutest, most goofy kitties ever.

I love them!”

2. Yes.

“Going out alone.

I do this all the time. I’ll go for a few drinks just to get out of the house, grab a beer, sit outside to enjoy the weather, and smoke a c**arette. Occasionally I’ll run into people I know and they try to invite me on for their night and I’m like “I’m good man, just having a few beers.”

And I get these “ookaay? whatever” type replies. Just cause I’m out doesn’t mean I want to be social, I just want to be around socialization sometimes.”

3. Poor things.


Those poor fella just be chillin, doing menial work and not disturbing anybody and for some reason the term came to mean as someone who’s utter incompetent and stupid.”

4. Smart.


Crows are the best.

Gotta respect an animal that’ll tell its friends about you if treat it well or f**k it over.

They are just smart motherf**kers”

5. To each their own.

“Not drinking.

When you tell someone that you don’t drink, most of the time they act like you just told them you juggle heads in your spare time.”

6. Gets a bad rap.

“Nuclear energy.

It’s very safe, but a couple of massive disasters due to gross negligence (and also the fact that the word nuclear is involved) has given it a bad image to the point where people just assume its dangerous and a bad idea.

Tell you what the bad idea is: sticking to fossil fuels.”

7. Nothing wrong with that.

“Being single.

Everybody acts like it’s the worst thing in the world but if you content with being on your own it’s really not.

It’s actually quite relieving to not have the responsibility of another person.”

8. Enjoy yourself!

“Being an adult and liking things that are considered “childish.”

People get so much hate and get told to “grow up.” Listen, I didn’t get to enjoy my childhood. Let me enjoy things.

Let me play video games. Let me watch animation. Let me buy that Tamagotchi. It’s not hurting anyone.”

9. Seems like a great guy!

“Guy Fieri.

He did miraculous things for us service industry folks during the pandemic lockdowns, and at the same time did amazing things for victims of the crazy California fires forest.”

10. A sad story.

“Monica Lewinsky.

She was 23, and did nothing most people wouldn’t do.”

11. Do your own thing.

“Still living at home.

My mom and I are planning to pool our money to buy a house.

I can’t afford one myself and neither can she, but together we can.”

12. We all belong somewhere.

“Social incompetence.

You don’t need to be funny or witty to belong somewhere. You don’t have to be compassionate at every moment and you certainly don’t have to be able to jump through hoops to partake in society.

Be boring. Be anxious. Be alone. You’re doing fine.”

13. It’s all good.

“Being a millennial and wanting to live childless/child free.

For heavens sake, just let people choose how they want to live their lives.

Want to be child free? Cool! Want kids? Cool!”

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