What Used to Be Cool but Is Now Cringeworthy? Here’s What People Had to Say.

Are you old enough to remember HyperColor t-shirts?

They were pretty much the coolest thing around for a brief moment in time when I was growing up…

And then, in an instant, they were totally UNCOOL and cringeworthy.

And you and I know that kind of thing happens all the time.

Let’s get some more examples from AskReddit users!

1. I remember…

“Mustaches everywhere.

Tattoos, shirts, jewelry…”

2. For real.

“Autotuned vocals.

Good lord already.”

3. Yup.


Seriously, dude went from “ liberal eco-savior rocket genius in favor of UBI” to “guy who got lucky buying and selling Mapquest and PayPal, put an electric motor in a Lotus, got lucky buying a rocket company and is now running humanity’s 3rd least worst communication platform into the ground.”

4. That didn’t work.

“All the dumb stuff you did as a h**ny teenager because you thought it was s**y and would get you laid, but just creeped people out.”

5. Uh oh…

“Low rise jeans in the early 2000s.

I can’t even imagine how many people saw my a** crack or thong in the 8th grade when it was peak popularity alongside heroin chic thinness.

Britney Spears seem determined to bring it back singlehandedly, and I need her to not.”

6. Lame.

“Garish, low effort attention seeking.

The visual equivalent of having a massive, trunk-rattling subwoofer in your car and blaring Soulja Boy 24/7.”

7. Not built for it anymore.

“Emo/scene phase of the early/mid 2000s. Because now there are emo throwback nights at the local rock club.

In your early to late 30s now, button up shirts, 9-5s, kids, and a SUVan. And then you open that box in the closet with your ADTR shirt, 10 lbs of makeup, and jeans that were two sizes too small back then.

And you’re gonna do your damnedest to squeeze into it now. It’s not still cool. Appreciate the music, but we’re not built for that stuff anymore.”

8. Totally ’80s.

“Most fashion.

My prom dress looked like it came from The Jetsons and I had pink parachute pants that were hot as hell.”

9. Yikes.

“Cringe culture.

Remember back when people were making fun of literal KIDS just for having fun?

Man that was cringe.”

10. Not a good look.


I feel like people know how bad it is for you so now it’s kinda embarrassing to vape.”

11. Go do something.

“The “bad boy” trope

You may seem rebellious, but in reality you’re a narcissistic d**chebag

You want to be rebellious? Be an activist.”

12. Ouch.

“Frosted tips, JNCO jeans, flame Hawaiian shirts.

I’m looking at you, Guy Fieri and clones.”

What used to be cool but is now cringeworthy?

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