What Previously Luxurious Thing Is Now Considered Normal? People Shared Their Thoughts.

This is just my own personal example, but from the time I moved out of my parents’ house when I was 18 until about 5 years ago, I never had a dishwasher.

I just always lived in older buildings and houses that didn’t have them.

But now that I have one…?

I love it and I’ll never go back!

What used to be a luxury that is now considered normal?

Take a look at how AskReddit users answered that question.

1. You bet!

“A large, flat panel TV.

Twenty years ago, a 40″ plasma was a very costly, luxury item that only big ballers had.

Now you can buy a 65″ 4K LED at walmart for like $400. There’s at least one big flat TV in every trailer across America.”

2. Enjoy it.


Centuries ago, listening to a classical piece, like Mozart, was only reserved for the royalty and rich people.

And even for them, it was a lifetime experience, as they couldn’t experience it as often as we now do.”

3. True.

“Meat in the frequency we consume it…

Poorer people usually had either no meat in their diet or rarely whenever they slaughtered one of their farm animals.”

4. In the wild.

“Running water.

I live in a rural part of Alaska in the summer and it’s still a luxury there.”

5. Everything.

“Almost everything we use in a daily life. Average people today are richer than some king and emperor of the past.

Just with a cheap cellphone and internet you have access to more books than anybody in human history before 1990 (without even mentioning what other thing we can do with cellphone).

Same for the clothes (even a cheap shirt will be a luxury for a Roman Emperor just because of some quality of the material (flexibility and confort for exemple)). Same for almost any object you use in a daily basis.”

6. Back in the day.

“Normal clothes.

I lived in the post USSR and earlier it was so difficult to buy clothes there.”

7. So easy now.


I was so excited when I got a Garmin and no longer had to print out directions from Mapquest!

And now I rely on my phone.”

8. Anything you want.


There was a time when you would only get to try foods like that a few times a year, usually around the holidays.

Today? You can go to the store and buy some whenever.”

9. We’re lucky!

“Basic education.

Going back in history, there were kings who couldn’t even read.”

10. We all need it.

“The internet.

I didn’t grow up with it, or rather we didn’t grow up with it, in my family anyway. I am 35, my family didn’t have the internet until 2001, so all the school work I did, I did at the library, and mostly through hard cover or soft cover books, or physical magazines.

I live in a rural area, and the internet was not widely available till the early 2000s here.”

11. Good stuff.


It used to be a luxurious commodity but it’s so common people can’t fathom that it used to be such a highly valued thing.

Literally the word salary comes from the word salt as workers were paid with salt instead of money.”

12. Used to a hot commodity.

“A fully stocked spice cabinet.

Entire countries have been wiped off the face of the earth in search of spices.”

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