Who Should Be in Prison but They’re Not Because They’re Rich? Here’s What People Said.

It is what it is, and there’s no use in denying it

People with money are usually treated differently by the criminal justice system.

It’s sad, but true…

And today we’re going to hear from AskReddit users about who they think should be in prison but isn’t because they’re rich.

This should be interesting…check out what they had to say…

1. Wow.

“This guy:

Though Robert H. Richards IV was convicted of r**e, the wealthy heir to the du Pont family fortune was spared prison by a Delaware court in 2009 because he would “not fare well” behind bars, according to court documents CNN obtained Tuesday

Richards is a great-grandson of the chemical magnate Irenee du Pont.

He received an eight-year prison sentence in 2009 for raping his toddler daughter, but the sentencing order signed by a Delaware judge said “defendant will not fare well” in prison and the eight years were suspended.”

2. The heiress.

“Spencer Diamond. Heiress to the Wrigley fortune.

Twice in a year she caused auto accidents. On the first count she failed to show for court after. On the second she hit and ran a pedestrian in a 25 mph downtown street, stopped, looked at him and then fled.

He was life flighted to a major hospital where he spent more than a week in serious condition.”

3. “Affluenza.”

“Ethan Couch.

The “Affluenza” kid who was under age drinking, drunk driving, and ran over and ki**ed like 5 people then claimed he was too rich to know right from wrong and actually got off the hook with that defense.”

4. Crazy.

“David Miscavige.

They’ve been trying to serve him a lawsuit for trafficking.

They say they’ve reached out 27 times over the last 4 months.”

5. DUI.

“Alice Walton, heiress to Walmart.

She’s had multiple d**nk driving incidents, one in which she k**led someone but was never charged. She even has the wealth, power, and affluence to have records of arrest wiped.

She keeps millions worldwide in poverty while she bribes/intimidates the legal system to benefit herself.

Her last one prosecutors let the statute of limitations expire on and the trooper who pulled her over and conducted the field sobriety test was unable to testify due to mysteriously being suspended.”

6. Loaded.

“Vorayuth Yoovidhaya, grandson and heir to the Red Bull founder, struck and k**led a police officer with his Ferrari.

He fled the country, but had all charges dropped because, well, he has a lot of money.”

7. Still kickin’.

“Imelda Marcos.

Believe it or not, she is 92 & hasn’t spent a day in jail in spite of being convicted and sentenced.”

8. Bailed out.

“No one from the 2008 financial crisis went to jail.

They f**king should have.

Instead most got government bail outs and still got bonuses”

9. Terrible.

“Anne Sacoolas, she’s the wife of a US diplomat in the UK who hit and run a teenager and fled the country.

She’s been charged and found guilty of manslaughter in the UK but the US government is claiming she has diplomatic immunity and refusing to hand her over.

Meanwhile the devastated parents of this kid are left without justice because she happens to be married to a diplomat.”

10. Yup.

“Roman Polanski for s**ual a**ault of a 13 yr old.

And more women have made allegations against him.”

11. Dangerous.

“Chris Brown is a dangerous, v**lent criminal, and almost no one seems to realize just how terrible he really is.

This guy has something very wrong mentally, and legit needs to be separated from society before he k**ls someone (if he hasn’t already).

He’s a morally repugnant person – one of the worst personalities hip-hop has ever seen – which is really saying something, but I stand by it.

I actually researched his criminal history and compiled it into a google doc. Text is below. As far as I can tell, this is his whole list of offenses in its entirety, at least what’s publicly available. I pull it out occasionally for times like these so people understand exactly what he’s done, and the full depth of what his fans are giving him a pass for.

It wasn’t just Rihanna. The beleaguered rapper has a criminal past stretching back over a decade, starting basically the instant he shot to fame. His rap sheet is so long, it was actually newsworthy when he WASN’T on probation.

All of these have verifiable sources or have made the news, but sourcing each bullet point would take an ungodly amount of time. Should be easy to find with a google search, if you choose to look it up.”

12. Billionaire’s kid.

“Marco Muzzo in Canada.

Billionaire’s kid flew back from his bachelor party in Vegas on daddy’s private jet still hammered and hopped in his SRT Cherokee and k**led 3 children (9,5 &2) and grandparents on his way home.

He got full parole and released early after 4 years or so at which point the children’s father k**led himself day after father’s day.

Now he’s back in his mansion driving his Ferrari around like nothing ever happened.”

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