Cute Baby Yoda Chia Pets Will Be Here Soon


Cha-cha-cha Chia Pet! Remember that jingle!

Surely you remember the commercials, right?


Alright, cut to 2020…

Everything related to Baby Yoda is so popular these days that it makes sense a Baby Yoda Chia Pet would be hitting the market for consumption. I am a personal fan of this amazing product and my Bob Ross Chia Pet has been a wonderful addition to my home.

At the recent New York Toy Fair, it was revealed that Chia Pet will be releasing a Baby Yoda version of its iconic product.


Baby Yoda rose to fame in recent months thanks to the little guy’s role in the hit show The Mandalorian.

This new (obviously awesome) product has “The Child” sitting in a planter and he looks very content to have all that green sprouting up around him.


What do you think? Are you gonna get your hands on one of these? I know I am!

There’s no official word yet about when this amazing addition to the Chia Pet family will be available, so keep your eyes and your ears open, people!