The Backwards Bookshelf Trend Needs to Go Away Immediately

©Twitter, VogueLiving

This is one design trend I really don’t understand. It’s now “hot” for people to turn the books on their bookshelves inward so all that is visible are those boring white pages. Why, people? WHY? One of the best ways to learn about a person is to browse their bookshelves the first time you go to their house or apartment. Here’s an example of what I’m talking/complaining about.

I guess it looks okay, but I’m thinking about the practical side of this, friends. How do you know what to read next? Maybe you just want to read a couple chapters of a book while you lounge around on a Sunday afternoon. You have to turn them all around find what you’re looking for? Here’s another photo of this disturbing new trend.

I know trends come and go, but this one is just puzzling. Take a look at this headline.

“Neutral and minimalist book lovers”? Does that mean people who don’t actually read books? That’s what I’m thinking. Now I’m getting worked up and upset.

Take a look at a few examples and don’t make this tragic mistake in the place you call home.

Photo Credit: Twitter, VogueLiving

h/t: Mashable