10 Memes That Will Start Your Day off Right

Sometimes, you wake up and you already know a day is just going to be off.

Maybe your dog started barking at 4 am and you never got back to sleep. Maybe your neighbor started mowing their lawn at 7 am on a Saturday.

Before you go too far down that road, remember: life could be so much worse!

These 10 memes will make you laugh out loud and get you good and ready to tackle the day.

1. Wait, that’s a thing?

Maybe you could have requested a pizza prescription this whole time…

2. It will never fade away!

We all have that one memory that keeps us up at 3 am… and then 4 am… and then 5.

3. They’ll never catch him.

Right? Look at that genius disguise!

4. That’s how it works, right?

If we manifest it, it will come.

5. They’re always there for you.

Just like the “best friend” you wish you’d never met.

6. Best. Problem. Ever.

Can anyone sign up for this experience, or do you need to know someone who knows someone?

7. Oh! She’s cute!

Maybe it’s time to leave the swiping up to the professionals.

8. They better mean it.

Start the clock! One day means one day, right?

9. You never know when they’ll forget.

Because that’s how online shopping works.

10. But where to begin?

There’s so much to cover. For starters, does anyone know what day of the week it is?

You’re feeling better already, right? Ready to go out and conquer the world?

Don’t forget to send these memes to your friends so they can get a hearty LOL in, too. Let us know what you and your besties think in the comments!