BBC Sports Announcer Holds Hilarious Zoom Meetings With His Dogs

Image Credit: Twitter

Look, we’re all figuring out different ways to amuse ourselves and keep from going crazy while we’re “working” from home. Some of us are dealing with kids – little ones who need to be entertained all day, older ones whose school work need to be checked, while others are bored in silent houses with roommates or no one at all.

Of course, maybe people do have their pets, and for BBC sports commentator Andrew Cotter, that means his dogs, Olive and Mabel.

He’s treated the internet to their fetching and eating competitions, and people just can’t get enough of the adorable pooches.

Now, the three of them are participating some very important Zoom meetings.

People have had some hilarious reactions to the video, like this one, who says Mabel is just playing it close to the vest.

And this person, who pointed out that Andrew is clearly favoring Olive, so who could blame Mabel for her behavior?

Here we have an assessment from someone who clearly works in HR.

We all want more Olive and Mabel, wherever we can have them.

Do you find yourself getting a little too friendly with your animals? Is that how you’re coping?

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