Beagle-Shaped Airbnb Takes ‘Dog-Friendly Travel’ to a Whole New Level

Photo Credit: Facebook

Got a beagle? Need a hotel? Man, have we got the perfect Airbnb for you!

There is a beagle-shaped house in Cottonwood, Idaho, available on Airbnb for $132 per night. The house was built by Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin, artists who live in another (regular-shaped) house on the property. They started by building a 12-foot beagle named Toby in the late 1990s. It became so popular that they built a 30-foot tall beagle named Sweet Willy to use as a guest house, and that drew enough attention that they decided to rent it out to the public.

“Toby got some attention, but Sweet Willy put us into the stratosphere,” Frances told Roadside America.


The house has two bedrooms: one in the beagle’s belly and a loft in the head. The bathroom is located on the dog’s behind, of course. Nearby, there’s a giant fire hydrant to go with the giant beagle, and the property also features a visitor’s center and gift shop. Dennis and Frances live up the hill, and, since the house doesn’t have a kitchen, the couple prepare light breakfast foods for guests. There are also dog-themed books, games and puzzles for the truly dog-obsessed.


The Airbnb is, of course, dog-friendly, as long as canine guests are “responsible” and get along with the couple’s own dog — who is, shockingly, not a beagle, but a canine retriever.

Ready to book?! Sadly, so is everyone else. The Airbnb is completely filled until April 2020. But with endless 5-star reviews, it appears to be worth the wait.