Been Sitting Too Long? Here Are 10 Stretches That Could Help You Loosen Up

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Too many of us are spending our hours and lives sitting in front of a laptop day in and day out, and while remembering to get up and walk the dog, get our lunch, or just take a break for a stroll helps, there’s a good chance your back, knees, neck, and other muscles are begging for more.

If you find yourself flinching and groaning every time you stand up from your desk, here are 10 stretches you can try.

10. Butterfly Stretch

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#mobilitytraining 🙏 BADDHA KONASANA or BUTTERFLY STRETCH ( for adductors, groin and hips) 🙏 #themetabolixprogram recommends working on your mobility everyday for as little as 5 min to see a vast difference in your range of motion and body movement dynamics. Working on a 5 min effective mobility routine for all of you to follow from home or anywhere to improve your functional fitness, posture and range of motion! #staytuned

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To counteract stiffness in your inner thigh muscles, sit tall and bring the soles of your feet together, then bring them as close to your body as feels comfortable.

Your knees will drop a bit toward the ground as you keep your chest tall, hinge forward at the hops, and lean forward.

9. Long Lunge

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To get your hip flexors some action, sink into a lunge and let your back knee drop to the ground as you squeeze your glut and lean forward.

You can drop to your fingertips or forearms if it feels good, then switch sides.

8. Frog Sits

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FROG STRETCH 🐸 — You may get a few funny looks if you do this one in public, but this really is one of our favourite stretches! — The frog stretch is perfect for ungluing tight hips. It targets deep adductor/groin muscles and helps improve internal hip rotation 🔁 — Set up the stretch as James is demonstrating in the picture. From here slowly drive your hips back as far as you can, hold for ten seconds, then return to the start. Repeat and try and get further back each time — Add this into your next post-run cool down! — #jandgtraining #newrunner #couchto5k #yoga #pilates #cooldown #stretch #mobility #instarunners #thisgirlcan #runningcommunity #runningmotivation #fitness #fitnessjourney #strongnotskinny #runnersofinstagram #runnersofinsta #runningcommunity #runningclub #runhappy #runningcoach #training #trainingday #runnersworld #runnerscommunity

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This will open your hips and making standing and moving around feel freer.

You sink onto all fours with your knees under your hips and your hands under your shoulders, then spread your knees apart while keeping your feet in line.

Keep your chest tall, gently rock back on your hips, then forward, and do about 15-20 pulses.

7. Hip 90/90

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This will care for your hips and open your chest – sit on your butt with bent knees, plant your heels as far apart as you can.

Your fingertips go behind your hips and your chest should be tall.

Tilt your left knee toward the ground on your left side, following it with the right knee.

Plant your heels to reverse the movement.

6. Lunge with Side Reach

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If your rib cage is feeling stiff, improve your mobility and comfort by sinking into a lunge and keeping your hips square as you reach your left arm up over your head and toward your right side.

Repeat some reps on both sides.

5. Four Figure Stretch

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11 Reps. of Four Figure Stretch. This can help the joints of the lower back, hips and legs to come into better alignment. Thank you all for participating! #makethemost #inittogether #LockdownChallenge #TeamNEB #WorkoutAtHome #StaySafeAndFit #FourFigureStretch

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Lie on your back and cross your left ankle over your right knee, then hug your right thigh to your chest and thread your hands through, bringing your right leg closer.

Make sure to switch sides!

4. Cat Cows

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Backbends increase every aspect of your health, as they allow your nerves to work better, decrease your biological age, and allow for a better recovery! Read below for full details and to learn all the modifications and progression to the foundational poses of yoga, check out our e-books (link in bio)! Make sure you share this with someone that could benefit and save it for your personal practice! Thanks for sharing @elena_miss_yoga #inflexibleyogis ・・・ 🔴Backbend 101 – Back to basics . . ➡️First and for most. SUN SALUTATIONS-Every day at any time. Sun salutations are our best ally and are our starting point for everything. . Here I am showing a modified variation, suitable for beginners and accessible to everybody. . From Chaturanga Dandasana Exhale, belly on the floor Inhale, push up to cobra pose Exhale, Child’s pose Repeat 10 to 20 times daily before your practice, or as your practice. . ➡️Exercise 2 Cat and Cow Cat and Cow action are great to improve lower back mobility, improve posture and balance, strengthen, stretch the spine and neck, stretch the hips, abdomen and back, increase coordination, and open the shoulders. Repeat 10 to 20 times daily after your Sun Salutations. . ➡️Exercises 3 Puppy Pose An all-time favourite of mine, any variation is great. Stretch the spine and shoulders, improve flexibility, especially in the spine, strengthen and stretches the arms, hips, and upper back. 10 to 20 Breathe

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This will reset your breathing and your spine as you start on all fours with your hands and knees under your shoulders and hips.

Inhale as you arch your back and then bring your belly toward the floor, tipping your chin up toward the ceiling.

Push your shoulders away from your ears and exhale as you reverse the wave, arching your back toward the ceiling like a cat.

3. Chest Reach

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This simple stretch gives SO much relief! 🙌 This stretch releases tension from your chest area, and feels amazing. This is ideal for anyone who works at a desk, sits a lot or just feels their posture isn't the best. 👉 Start in a standing position. 👉 Clasp both hands behind your pack. 👉 Slowly move your arms up, while pushing out your chest. 👉 You'll feel the stretch in your chest. 👉 Now move your head back so your face is facing the sky. 👉 Hold for 30 seconds. How good does that feel?! Let us know what you think. #cheststretch #cheststretches #stretching #tensionrelief #beauty #newcastle #tipsandtricks #tips

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To open your chest back up after a day of slouching, stand tall with bent elbows, then reach your arms up and back until you look like a W.

Bring your elbows toward each other behind you, and while keeping the tension, unbend your elbows and extend your fingers up toward the ceiling.

2. World’s Greatest Stretch

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Looking to improve your warm-up routine? Look no further! . The “World's Greatest Stretch” (yes that’s what it’s actually called) is a simple dynamic warm-up movement perfect to work through before almost any workout. It gets the hips loose, mobilizes the ankles a bit, improves thoracic spine (mid back) mobility, and gets the HR up. While it works well before any workout, it is especially useful if your dealing with lower back pain or plan to squat that day. . I honestly can’t remember the last time I worked out without performing this dynamic movement first. Give it a try next time you plan to sweat and let me know if you DON’T think it ranks up there as one of the world’s greatest! 😂 . #thecharlotteathlete, #crossfit, #fit, #fitness, #strong, #healthy, #athlete, #olympicweightlifting, #fitlife, #gains, #gym, #functionaltraining, #functionalfitness, #healthylifestyle, #strength, #warmup, #dynamicwarmup, #noexcuses, #exercise, #workout, #mobility, #stretch, #flexibility, #getfit, #stretching, #worldsgreateststretch

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Start with a lunge, placing both hands on the ground around your front foot.

Bend your right arm and reach your forearm toward the ground while keeping your left hand planted.

Then unwind your right arm and reach it up and over, twisting so it’s reaching toward the left side of the ceiling.

Then, bring your right hand back next to your foot.

Balance, then lean back on your hips and straighten your front leg to stretch your hamstring.

1. Scorpion Stretch

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Jumping in with this flow challenge cuz I thought it would be a great warmup for my pincha practice today! I might have missed some of the moves but I think I got most of the sequence. This was fun! Video sped up 3x. And yea I am using video games as my babysitter. #noshame #parenting • Day 1 of #namasteflowing and we are building from a PRONE sequence. . . 1.Scorpion Shoulder/Back/quad stretch 2.Cobra lifts 3x, elbow pulls 3x 3.Sphinx pose 4. Forearm plank lifts 5. Dolphin pose 6. Table, forearm table, dolphin, downdog. 7. Half frog quad/shoulder stretch into Fallen Dancer (half bow) 8. Bow pose with focus on hamstring and glute activation (flex feet and press heels toward sky before the kick back ) . . . *have fun and play with this warming sequence throughout the day, add bits and pieces to your practice then film how it all feels together. 📣NEW CHALLENGE ALERT!!!📣 Want to play with more fluid transitions and even mix up your style a bit? Well join a few #namastefitchicks as we Flow into fall! #NamasteFlowing will feature 5 days of themed sequenced flows featuring: 1. Prone 2. Standing 3. Arm Balances 4. Leg balances 5. Supine 6. Wild card HOSTS: @smashletics @aimeemasch @samanthamilk @kt.grant @awwjoaww SPONSOR: @NamasteFitLife

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Lie on your stomach with your hands under your shoulders.

Extend your right arm straight out next to you while keeping your palm on the floor, then press the ground away with your left hand as you bend your left leg and reach it up and over your body.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to give these a shot today!

How do you keep your body from locking up after a long day at your desk? Share your tips in the comments!