Bob Ross Monopoly Is Finally Here and It’s the Best Happy Accident

Monopoly has to be one of the most stress-inducing board games on the planet. What kind of psychopath actually finds real estate fun?

Thankfully, there’s a more peaceful alternative available to those of us completely traumatized by family game night.

Hasbro Pulse created a Bob Ross-themed version of Monopoly – and it’s the most wholesome thing ever.


Photo Credit: Hasbro Pulse

Ahhh… I feel peaceful. I mean, look at that board. Isn’t that the most soothing image on the planet? I can’t wait to dive into a world filled with happy little trees and happy little clouds.

And this version of the game is actually not built for psychopathic overtaking of each other’s property.

In Bob Ross Monopoly, players collect Ross’s paintings instead of buildings, hotels, or plots of land. This is the perfect escape for those looking to numb themselves to the utter chaos our world is in.

Plus, look at these adorable figurines.

Photo Credit: Hasbro Pulse

This is the only game of Monopoly that I’d ever want to play – one where I can literally be a tree.

As far as gameplay goes, this version is pretty much the same as the original Monopoly. Players can still acquire property – or, er paintings – from each other, buy and sell other work, and even go to jail.

What exactly someone would go to jail for in this scenario still remains to be seen – perhaps that’s another happy accident that Hasbro Pulse has in store.

Even thinking about this game is making me experiencing a whole new level of relaxation. Still, I can totally see a world in which people make Bob Ross Monopoly just as competitive as the original.

What are your thoughts on Bob Ross Monopoly? Would you take a ride through tranquil paradise or beat the devil out of your opponents? Let us know in the comments below!