Bodybuilders Are Drinking Breast Milk Because They Claim It Helps Them Build Muscle

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There’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll just spit it out: Moms are selling their extra breast milk to bodybuilders, who swear it helps their performance.

The idea is that breast milk is all-natural, unlike many powdered supplements and vitamins. It’s designed to help babies grow, so it’s packed full of calories and nutrients — aka exactly what bodybuilders are looking for.

Who knew bodybuilders and infants had so much in common?!

Many bodybuilders swear by the practice, and it does make some sense…in theory.

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Sports dietitian Brian told Men’s Health

“I think the idea behind drinking breast milk for muscle growth is that it’s incredibly calorie and nutrient dense, and it has some additional healthy substances.

Breast milk is designed to rapidly grow a human baby, so maybe people think a similar effect will happen to fully grown humans?”

If you’re a new mom with dollar signs in your eyes right now, hold your horses.

There is no evidence that breast milk provides the same benefits for adults that it does for babies.

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Also, it’s not the smartest idea from a consumer’s perspective. It’s no simple matter to safely obtain enough high-quality breast milk for a grown man!

There’s not really any way to verify where it came from, whether it’s free of disease, and whether it came from a human with a healthy diet. Plus it can be very expensive.

Also, there are like a million other cheaper, safer, calorie-rich drink alternatives.

St. Pierre said,

“This stuff probably just isn’t special, and it’s not worth the hassle, risk, or money.”

My hot take on this… if moms can make some money off of bros wanting to get bigger… who cares?

But what’s your take?

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