8 Bonuses U.S. Presidents Get When They Leave the White House

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You are a head of state. You get state dinners. You are received by royal families. Then it’s over and  you’re back to daily walks with the dog and eating meatloaf once a week.

Not quite.

Exiting United States presidents still get a perk or eight after they leave office. Scroll through these little presidential extras to boost your leader-of-the-free-world knowledge.

1. Some cash to help with the move

Moving households is never easy or cheap even if you’ve been president. Transition money of up to $900,000 is earmarked to help with moving in the new leader and moving out the old one.

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2. A pension

Presidents draw a salary of $400,000 while in office. When they leave, they get a niiiice lifetime pension of the same amount the Cabinet Secretary gets–$211,000 in 2018.

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3.  A payroll for their staff

You can’t be a former president and not have staff. Staff salaries can be expensed up to $150,000 a year for the first 30 months. After that, the limit drops to a mere $96,000.

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4. Office space.

Former presidents can pick any location within the U.S. for their office. Some of them pick a space in flyover state cities, and some of them pick the most expensive coastal digs they can find. Doesn’t matter. The taxpayers pick up the rent, furnish it and buy all the office supplies too.

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5. Security

The president and spouse (unless they remarry someone who is not a president) get lifetime secret service security. Children get security until they turn 16.

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6. Support for the First Spouse

When presidents die and leave behind spouses, the widows or widower receives a $20,000 pension paid yearly, as long as they do not become federal government employees or remarry before they are 60.

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7. Health benefits

Like all other federal employees who have been in service for at least five years, presidents keep their health benefits for life. If a president only serves for one term with no other past federal positions held, they do not qualify for this benefit.

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8. A funeral

Like taxes, death is certain for all of us. But, if you are a former president, rest in peace knowing your after-care in the form of a state funeral is all taken care of.

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Being president is a pretty good work if you can get it.