Border Collies Are Helping to Reforest Scorched Chilean Wilderness After Deadly Wildfires


Go ahead and add reforesting burned land to the many things that dogs can do to make our lives better.

When wildfires destroyed large swaths of land and 1,500 homes in Chile in 2017, border collies were called upon to help with the reforestation effort.


The fires torched roughly 593,000 square miles of land and killed 11 people. Wanting to help however she could, dog trainer Francisca Torres enlisted her three border collies – Das, Olivia, and Summer – to run through forests while outfitted with backpacks that slowly release native seeds back into the earth. These seeds will eventually grow into trees.


Torres said her pups can run 18 miles a day through the forest (damn!) and drop up to 20 pounds of seed each day. Torres also said that she took her dogs on such hikes through the forest for six months, so the resulting greenery should be very plentiful.


Border Collies are work dogs so you know that Das, Olivia, and Summer are loving this endeavor. The breed is also used for sheep herding, which means none of the three dogs will chase or attack any animals they happen upon in the forest.

Torres said, “We have seen many results in flora and fauna coming back to the burned forest! They reeeeeally love [it]!! It’s a country trip, where they can run as fast as they can and have a great time.”

Torres also trains dogs to help people with disabilities. Check out Torres’ Facebook page to keep up with her dog-related activities.

Keep up the great work!