Bored People Are Throwing Boiling Water into the Freezing Wind During the Polar Vortex


When you’re forced to stay inside like so many Midwesterners are right now because of the record-breaking cold temperatures, you have to come up with things to alleviate the cabin fever.

Schools are closed, offices are closed, and the bottom line is that no one is leaving the house unless it’s absolutely necessary.

So what can these folks do for fun?

How about stepping outside for just a brief couple of seconds to throw boiling hot water in the frigid air so you can get some cool videos and photos?!?! Yeah!

As you can see, the boiling water quickly turns into snow when temperatures are as low as 30 degrees below zero.

And here are a few more examples because you know you can’t resist.

Stay warm out there.

On second thought, just don’t go outside, okay?