14 Memes We Found That Made Us Smile

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Different people deal with boredom in different ways, and as long as they work, I say do what works!

That said, many of us are bored for more hours at a time these days, so you might be looking for new things to occupy your time – and while memes and the like might once have been considered a waste, now they’re a valid avenue of distraction!

If you’re bored, these 14 posts might have the answer. For now.

14. Wow, that was pretty harsh.

Not saying it’s not true, but still. Harsh.

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13. When even the dog is staging an intervention.

It might be time to let someone else buy yeast.

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12. They want to have their cake and eat it, too.

You can’t have it both ways. Or at least, you shouldn’t be able to.

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11. I mean, I guess anything is possible.

Hope springs eternal and all of that.

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10. That cow looks like it’s contemplating a water birth.

Make sure you write down your birth plan ahead of time, ma’am.

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9. I mean what other explanation could there be?

You are the new dog whisperer.

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8. He knew what we were going to need.

Because he was the best of us.

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7. Nobody knows.

Not only that, but it truly doesn’t matter.

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6. A day she hoped would never come.

Now you’re gonna have to rub your own feet, lady.

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5. Not sure I’ve ever seen a sicker burn.

He’s not going to survive that one.

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4. When it’s your first thought, it’s usually the truth.

But I mean seriously, there’s no one way for the human body to look!

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3. It’s important to look life’s lies in the face.

You knew that no one could hate wallpaper and carpet that much.

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2. And maybe after a snack or a nap.

By then I won’t care anymore.

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1. Nobody wants to relive this.

We just want it all to go away right now.

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I love it when the internet and people are at their very best, don’t you?

How to you bust the boredom at home? Share your tips in the comments!