Boy Wonders Whether Or Not The Truth Is Always The Way To Go

They say the truth will set you free, but is telling the truth always the way to go in every single situation?

Most of us would say yes, with the caveat that also little white lies also come in handy.

This guy has lived with his mother and stepfather since he was young, cutting his biological father, stepmother, and half-siblings out of his life some time ago for very good reasons.

Here’s some family drama, a lot of friends and relatives are kinda mixed on this so I don’t know how much of an AH I am or not here.

My (17F) dad cheated on my mom when I was 5. I know because I’m the one that caught them one day and asked my mom about who the lady dad was kissing was and kicked off the whole divorce afterwards. Really fun for a little kid , let me tell you. /s

I haven’t had much of a relationship with my dad, the custody fight was f’king awful and the affair girlfriend was pregnant with my half-brother (12M) and they got married quickly, and just trust me that my dad has just done a lot to be angry about, to save space. I basically told him I hated him and I stopped talking to him and ignored him during visitation time until he stopped coming.

My mom remarried and my stepdad is a much better person and treats me like his own, so I’ve never missed bio-dad much.

He continues to see some members of his paternal family, and after his grandmother begged more than once for him to attempt to reconcile with his father, he agreed – with a few conditions.

My paternal family still keeps in touch with him, I just go to my mom’s side for all holidays and see them when he’s not there. My gran has gotten really sick, though, and asked me to at least talk to him because it makes her sad that we don’t have a relationship and he misses me. I decided to talk because I can’t say no to my gran.

So, a few months ago we talked on the phone and then met for lunch. I told him that for my gran I was willing to see him only, but never Family 2.0 and he could take that or leave it. He really wanted me to meet my half-brothers but agreed.

Conditions his father immediately crapped on, leaving OP feeling angry.

One day he picks me up for lunch, but his wife is at the restaurant with the two boys (younger is 10).

I’m totally furious but we’re in public so I’m giving my dad the death glare while trying not to make a scene and texting my stepdad to come get me.

He lashed out at his father by telling his half-siblings the truth about how their families came to be, which threw everyone at the table for a loop.

The 10 year old asks if I’m mad about my mom running off with me so I didn’t get to grow up with them. I lost it, I probably shouldn’t have. I told them their dad cheated on my mom with their mom and ruined our family growing up, and I’m only mad he was a cheater.

The kids looked shocked and an argument started but I dipped as soon as I saw my stepdad pull up.

Now his grandmother is upset and his mom thinks maybe he should have just kept it to himself, but what does Reddit think?

Apparently the boys didn’t know and are now mad at their parents, my dad’s wife is mad at him and me, my dad is upset and wants me to apologize. The family is all over the place about it, but my aunt said I made gran cry when she heard about it.

My mom says I just told the truth and that should never be wrong, but I should have just waited for my stepdad and not gotten mad.

Let’s find out!

The top comment says that his dad refused to respect his boundaries, so he got what he deserved.

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It’s always best to not make a scene if you can help it, but sometimes it happens.

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The person who is upsetting his grandma might not be OP, but her son.

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There was definitely a lot of support for OP, despite the outburst.

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Seriously, we shouldn’t expect more from kids than we do from their parents.

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I think it’s always best to avoid a public scene when possible, but OP was still not in the wrong.

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