Bride Blocks Childhood Friend From Being Her Maid of Honor Over a Childhood Grudge

Weddings cost a lot of money, they involve a lot of emotion, and yes, people (especially brides) can get a bit caught up in the drama and romance and forget what the day is all about.

That said, I can’t remember ever hearing about someone cutting out a friend because of an incident when they were first graders (that neither of them can even recall in any detail).

This bride and her friend group, which has been a thing since they were 4, agreed when they were kids to each let another of them be maid of honor. The OP (original poster) was assigned “Grace,” but wasn’t happy because when they were kids, Grace told on her or something and she got into some kind of trouble.


Grace lost her father and went through a lot as a kid, but apparently, none of that matters.

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The bride told Grace she wouldn’t be asking her to be the maid of honor and asked someone else. Grace is upset, obviously.

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Now, the bride did edit to say she’s seen the error of her ways, but I don’t know, y’all.

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Some people have pointed out that the bride doesn’t exactly seem mature enough to get married.

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While others have pointed out that she should have said something back in high school, if she was still so upset, instead of waiting until they were adults.

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I mean, how bad could this transgression have been if no one involved even remembers the details now?

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And, yeah, she needs to grow up.

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I so agree with all of these assessments, and with the idea that “I love her to death” is always followed by a “but.” Sort of like when Southerners say “bless her heart.”

What do you think? Surely you agree that OP is being an a**hole and needs to grow up?

If not, please share your arguments in the comments!