British Parents Are Trying to “Cure” Their Kids’ Autism by Forcing Them to Drink Bleach


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Autism is a disorder that affects up to 1 in 100 children, and there currently is no cure.

A fact that is not, sadly, stopping U.K. parents from forcing their autistic children to drink (or take an enema of) a dangerous chemical cocktail that is mostly made of bleach.


The Mirror reports that 6 different police forces have questioned parents after their children were reduced to vomiting or experiencing severe diarrhea after ingesting bleach in some form – it’s even being marketed as a “Master Mineral Solution,” and sold for $37 online.

Bleach. For kids. To drink.


This “Master Mineral Solution” is sodium chlorite mixed with citric acid powder – very literally industrial strength bleach – and not only does it not cure a damn thing, doctors say it will eventually kill one of these unsuspecting children. ABC did an investigate report on the MMS, in which they confronted the bishop of the ‘church’ that hawks the product as a literal miracle cure.


Everything from older mothers to pollution to, of course, vaccines has been blamed for the rise in autism diagnoses, but there are currently no definitive answers from the medical community. There are several different treatment regimens available, depending on where your child falls on the spectrum of autism, which include different kinds of therapies to improve speech and behavior, and maybe medications if there are related medical conditions.

Which is a good thing to remember the next time you wonder whether poisoning your child is better than working with your doctor to improve his or her quality of life.