British Pubs Serve Beer and Food Alongside Public Services Like Playgrounds and Groceries

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The charming British pub is slowly becoming endangered. Once upon a time, they were open on every corner with adorable names like The Drunken Duck and The Bull & Spectacles. Locals and travelers liked to congregate in them for a pint and a scotch egg, some conversation and a view of the big match on a television bolted to the wall above the bar.

Now, though, people have more options for entertainment, and the beloved pub is losing its position as the epicenter of the neighborhood.

That is, until the British government came up with a plan. Why not return the pub to its original purpose, which is to serve the public? Under this policy, pubs are adding useful services, such as  libraries, community playgrounds and post offices.

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A not-for-profit organization called Pub is The Hub works with pubs to plan and fund added services. Rural pubs all across England are offering grocery stores, butchers, libraries, playgrounds and postal services to attract and retain their customers who can now relax in the pub with a beverage after a tough day of running errands in the pub with a beverage.

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Standing in line at the post office can now be an event – something you would actually look forward to doing. Need to run to the library to check out a book and print your CV? Look no further than the pub. Have an ale when you’re done. Cheers.

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The British government has supported The Pub is The Hub with over £500,000 since its 2013 start. Recently, another £188,000 was contributed to help further the group’s mission of helping rural pubs provide valuable community services and becoming, once again, the heart of the English village.

Wouldn’t a nice drink and a hot plate of food be a fantastic motivator to get all those annoying errands done?

Going to the post office! Be back in couple of hours.