Broke Teenager’s Selfless Act on a First Date Wins Over the Internet

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We’ve all been in this precarious position before. You meet a foxy lady or gentleman, you want to take them out to for a nice dinner, but you just don’t have the funds for a meal for two.

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17-year-old Kittakone Sirisombath, Jr. found himself in this pickle earlier this year when he wanted to take Destiny La’nae Irish out on a date. This wasn’t just any date, mind you. This was a FIRST DATE, when impressions are made, and things can go south very quickly.

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The young lovebirds went to Chili’s on their first date, but Sirisombath did not have enough cash flow for him and Irish, so he did what he had to do. In a tweet, he admitted, “Our first date… told you I wasn’t hungry but really ain’t have enough money to pay for both of us so I sat and watched you eat.”

Photo Credit: Twitter, K1ttaTron

Sirisombath and Irish are now a full-fledged couple, so he thought it was time to admit his little white lie about what went down at Chili’s that day.

Photo Credit: Twitter, K1ttaTron

Photo Credit: Twitter, K1ttaTron

Sirisombath’s tweet went viral, and people were moved by the teen’s generous act.

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But of course, there’s always a buzzkill or two out there, so some weighed in on the fact that men should not always be expected to pay for meals (just enjoy the damn story, people).

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Regardless of the chatter, Sirisombath and Irish are happy and going strong. Young love…isn’t it beautiful?

Photo Credit: Twitter, K1ttaTron

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